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4-Day Training Program

Dominate your Maintenance Sales and Recurring Revenue. Learn to Consult, Package and Sell the 6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy!

The NEW NFPA 70E Electrical Standard happens to be one of the biggest and best sales tools you have as a contracting business. Though it wasn’t designed as such, the standard offers long-term benefits such as recurring revenue, multi-year service agreements, and increased negotiated projects. Stop selling individual testing methods and start selling compliancy!

As a full-service contractor, an often-overlooked means of differentiation should be through your company's service offerings and expertise. And what truly makes you different is “how you sell." It’s time you made the separation from the competition. Stop selling individual testing methods like everyone else and Dominate your Maintenance Sales and Recurring Revenue. Learn to Consult, Package and Sell the 6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy!

If you’re a contractor that currently offers individual testing methods such as:

Infrared Thermography

Arc Flash

Breaker Testing

Energized Electrical Maintenance

Ultrasonic Testing

Power Quality

Transformer Testing, etc.

De-Energized Testing, Cleaning, and Exercising

then your business is the perfect candidate for this type of program. In this 4-day training session, we’ll work directly with your team, coaching them step-by-step on how to Consult, Package and Sell the 6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy, making your contracting business the “Preferred Source."

Our 4-Day Training Program Includes:

➢ Onsite training at your preferred location (we come to you)

➢ 2 days of classroom training and 2-days of immersion-based coaching in the field with Sean Samson (visiting your customers, leveraging and consulting the 6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy, helping you develop new opportunities and close business)

➢ Sales Training utilizing our 4 Step, industry-specific consultative sales process

➢ Technical Sales Training (Leveraging the standards within the sales arena-NFPA 70E, 70B, and 70)

➢ Proprietary Technical Tools (used to collect facility and location information)

➢ Proprietary Sales Tools (used to collect customer information and develop electrical preventive maintenance programs)

➢ Proprietary Multi-Year Electrical Preventive Maintenance Agreement-Template

➢ Access to our proprietary, exclusive 5 Reasons Selling System © (Sales professionals that utilize our selling system have an 18% higher win rate on both small projects sales and service agreements and have reduced sales cycles by up to 50%.

Why Focus on Packaging and Selling the 6 Steps to NFPA 70E Compliancy?

➢ Provides the customer with a pathway now to the 6 Steps to Compliancy (not “Arc Flash”)

➢ Provides the customer/contractor with a starting point and options in the event of budgetary constraints.

➢ Virtually eliminates the customer/contractor “Price” conversation and reduces the need of having to sell individual testing services à la carte.

➢ Increases customer, contractor multi-channel servicing and introduces other departments and people within your contracting organization.

➢ Helps in immediately leveraging repairs and or replacement of electrical equipment.

➢ Provides Predictable Recurring Revenue for contractors, leveraging Multi-Year Electrical Maintenance & Testing programs built by you the contractor.

➢ Helps customers leverage and mitigate the rising cost of growing insurance premiums and/or deductibles when implementing total compliancy.

➢ Assists customers in managing the safety risks associated with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 or the “General Duty Clause”.

➢ Creates yearly, predictable budgets for customers. They know what they’re spending.

➢ Provides the contractor access to additional, internal buckets of money (Safety, Maintenance, etc.)

➢ Opens the customer relationship and provides access to additional department heads and decision-makers. 

➢ Provides the contractor a real-time understanding of what the customer is currently spending on other à la carte testing services, with whom, and how often.

➢ Packaging and Selling NFPA 70E Compliancy provides the opportunity to kick out the competition and become the “Preferred Source” (increased negotiated projects and pull-through work)

➢ The Electrical Standard is Revised on a 3-year cycle. Always changing!

➢ As the contractor takes ownership of the 6 Steps to Compliancy process, it becomes very difficult for customers to switch gears and move in the direction of another service provider or different contractor. 

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It’s not just our job to change, it’s our job to change faster than our competition.

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