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How are we unlocking the true
potential of today's contractor?


It’s been said that achieving scale requires a level of repeatable and predictable systems. We couldn’t agree more. If you’re an Electrical or Mechanical Contractor, or maybe even a service-based business, scaling your organization for sustained growth can be a real challenge

We know that each and every contracting business is unique, with unique players, products, services, and markets. We also realize that no business can grow without the connection to new money and new customers. For that to happen you’ll need to develop internal processes and training that help you take advantage of opportunities instead of constantly ignoring them, like so many contractors do, simply because they’re just not ready.  

At Sean Samson Training, we’ll work directly with your management and leadership team as we help you recognize and advance key players, define your niche, implement sustainable sales practices using our proprietary 5 Reasons Selling System©, develop consistent hiring processes, refine internal systems, implement and execute a customer acquisition plan, and organize the right training and CRM-reporting. 

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We’re obsessed with coiling and shining the spring and building back-end philosophies that set you apart from the competition and build sustainable long-term success. And like so many business owners before you, if you’re trying to figure out an end game or exit strategy, then building processes that involve “predictable revenue” and “multi-year service agreements” should be music to your ears.  

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