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Advance the Service & Maintenance side of your Contracting Business

Imagine This...

You are a contracting organization. What got you here, won't get you there. At Sean Samson Training, we provide our clients with a proven, turn-key “Service and Maintenance” business model, providing you the sales and technical training needed to help you scale and build a business that gives you complete control of your future.

How do we do that?

No more selling testing and technology a la carte. By leveraging the 6 Steps to Compliancy utilizing NFPA 70E and NFPA 70B, we train your service and maintenance teams how to consult, package, sell and deliver Multi-Year Electrical Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements. 

sst pillar-01.png

Our Three Pillars to Higher Valuation:

Multi-Year Service Agreements

Increased Negotiated Projects

Predictable Recurring Revenue

Unlocking the true potential of today's Contractor. 

Turn-key “Service and Maintenance” Business Model:
  • The comprehensive model redefines the way electrical contracting organizations operate, offering a holistic approach to service and maintenance.
Consult, Package, Sell, and Deliver Compliancy utilizing NFPA 70/70E/70B:
  • SST guides your service and maintenance teams through the 6 Steps to Compliancy, emphasizing NFPA standards, enabling them to consult, package, sell, and deliver Multi-Year Electrical Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements.
Industry-Specific Sales Process & Proprietary 5 Reason Selling System©:
  • Tailored for the contracting industry, SST’s proven sales process, coupled with the proprietary 5 Reason Selling System©, ensures a strategic and effective approach to driving sales.
Proprietary Pricing System/Estimating Tools:
  • Benefit from SST’s proprietary pricing system and estimating tools, designed to streamline and optimize your pricing strategies for enhanced profitability.
Proprietary Facility Maintenance Reporting Tools:
  • Access cutting-edge facility maintenance reporting tools to monitor, analyze, and optimize maintenance operations effectively.
Accredited Technical Training Provided by Megawatt Training:
  • Elevate the technical prowess of your team with accredited training provided by Megawatt Training, ensuring they stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.
Monthly Ongoing Post Training & Coaching (Onsite):
  • Commitment extends beyond training sessions, with ongoing coaching and support to reinforce and apply the learned principles in real-world scenarios.
Interim Support Electrical Services Consultant (Post Training):
  • Benefit from the expertise of an interim support electrical services consultant to navigate post-training challenges and ensure a seamless transition.
Weekly Team Discussion, Plan, and Execution Meetings (DPE):
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and strategic planning with regular team meetings to discuss, plan, and execute initiatives.
24/7 SST Team Access (Sales, Technical & Marketing):
  • Enjoy round-the-clock access to SST’s dedicated team of experts in sales, technical, and marketing for continuous support.
Connect and belong to SST’s exclusive Community of Contractors:
  • Join SST’s exclusive community of contractors, fostering networking opportunities, shared insights, and collaborative growth.

We sincerely believe the above-mentioned three pillars to success allow our clients to achieve their return on investment, create higher company valuation, develop predictable recurring revenue, and compounding profitability. Advance the service and maintenance side of your contracting business today. 

"If you’re not willing to disrupt your own business, there are competitors out there that will do it for you."

Sean Samson

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Our Features

Service & Maintenance FAQs

What is the process for scaling and advancing Service and Maintenance?

Our process starts with our "Scaling for Success" doc we provide to your leadership team. It calls for you to provide organizational goals, strategies, missions, level of current service work and numbers, current sales process, sales tools, level of technical competency,  current processes and procedures, training on all levels, and the level of understanding, regarding the electrical standards in which multi-year service agreements are built (NFPA 70E/70B/70).

Do you have first-hand references we can contact?

Every contractor we have worked with in the past or currently work with can be found on our "Clients" tab above. We take pride in the contractors we work with, and would be happy to provide any contact information. Furthermore, please feel free to visit our "Testimonials" page.

Do you have an industry-specific business model that contractors can implement right away?

Indeed we do! We can provide you with our Business model, Sales to ops flow chart, Sales tools, Agreement templates, Sales process, Sales training, Management training, Technical training, Pricing tools, etc. 

What is the cost of developing these programs or trainings?

Please feel free to visit our "Fees" page. In addition, our team is always willing to discuss how our long-term training programs are built.

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