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2024 Fee Schedule

- Coaching / Training / Consulting (Per Day): $3,550.00 

- Conferences and Keynotes: $7,500.00

- We are thrilled to have SST recognized by the Electrical, Mechanical, Construction and Service base industry, as the world leaders in developing higher valuation by developing the "Service & Maintenance" side of the contracting business.  

If you're looking to train your teams and owner direct sales staff, to sell Multi-Year Service Agreements, increase your Negotiated Project work and develop Predictable Recurring Revenue, then partnering with us makes perfect sense.  

We look forward to unlocking the true potential of your contracting organization. 

  • • Fees do not include Air, Hotel & Transportation if necessary.

  • • International travel rates will vary • 10% discount if the event is held within 150 miles of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • • Cancellations require a 60-day written notice. If less than 60 days, 50% of the quoted fee and expenses will be owed to Sean Samson Training, LTD.

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