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Did you know that the New NFPA 70E  Electrical standard for safety in the workplace, along with the New NFPA 70B  standard for maintenance, happen to be two of the biggest and best sales tools you have as a contractor? Though these weren’t designed as such, these documents offer long-term benefits such as recurring revenue, multi-year service agreements, and increased negotiated projects. 


Advantages For Attendees:

  • All classroom materials included (new NFPA 70E & 70B booklets)
  • Understanding the 6 steps to “Compliancy” and deep dive into the changes in both standards and    what that means for the service and maintenance side of your business
  • Understanding OSHA vs 70E vs 70B

    (policies, procedures, processes)

  • Introduction to sales strategies and techniques to consulting compliancy

  • Network with other contractors


*List price is exclusively for training costs*

2 Day “Service & Maintenance” Master Class (Focused on the new NFPA 70E & 70B)

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