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Future Proof Your Contracting Business

If you’re an Electrical, Mechanical, Service or Construction based business weighing the Costs and Benefits of buying into a Franchise or Dealership situation…STOP! We have just what you’re looking for.

Stop wasting time, or worse yet your money looking at a franchise or dealership situation. At Sean Samson Training we provide our clients with a proven, global turn-key business model giving you the options you have been looking for to help future proof your contracting business and kick-start that recurring revenue model you’ve heard so much about. Using our systems you’ll receive industry specific sales, management and technical training, immersion based in-field post training, proprietary pricing and estimating tools, and 24/7 support saving you the contractor thousands of dollars and a ton of headache.

Are you solely focused 100% on the following 4 areas?

  • Predictable Revenue
  • Increased Negotiated Projects
  • Multi-Year Service Agreements
  • Scaling the capacity and capability of the organization, cross-selling existing customers, and developing target markets for new “Owner Direct” opportunities.

It’s time to build your dream using our turn-key model and our immersion-based 5 Reasons Selling System © along with a team of industry professionals who are ready to take your organization to the next level.

Set new standards for your organization!

The first step forward is to quit setting your standards—that is, your objectives, actions and points of measurement based on what everybody else is doing. Ask yourself this: Is everybody else as successful as you want to be? Is everybody else achieving unstoppable, snowballing success with their business?  The answer is no. If you want to be more successful, make more money and future proof your business starting today, you can't do that by doing what everybody else is doing. Let's get started on a pathway to true success, let's make this year the start of your best year ever.

Unlocking the true potential of today's Electrical Contractor.
Does this get your attention?

Proprietary Pricing System and Estimating Tools
• A proven global service and sales model utilizing Sean’s immersion based training and 5 Reasons Selling System©
• Focus on “Owner Direct” relationship selling adding new Customers every month
• Leverage multi-year maintenance agreements that lead to predictable revenue
• Receive an average return of 3 to 1 on repairs and new project opportunities (lighting retrofits, IR windows, EDS expansions, etc.)
• Be able to achieve above average margins on both maintenance and small project sales
• No more relying on the economy and bid & spec work
• Develop customized annual reports for customers while you “Track and Trend” yearly maintenance
• "Mine" your business and capitalize on existing relationships and “Cross sell” your existing customer base
• Leverage OSHA Regulations and NFPA 70E and 70B requirements with any vertical market
• Stop selling individual testing methods and start selling the “6 Steps to “NFPA 70E Compliancy” 
• Be able to immediately promote and offer NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training Classes to your customers on the NEW 2024 Standard
• Utilize industry specific sales tools (ROI Calculators, Industry Statistics, Insurance Regulations and more)

Level I – Infrared Electrical Certification Course- This 3-day course will give the participant an understanding of basic infrared camera setup using any camera brand and model, an understanding of the fundamentals of infrared, thermography, heat transfer, electrical applications and understanding software and reporting using any brand of camera.


The Level I – Ultrasound Course – This 3-day course is one of the most comprehensive Ultrasound training's ever held in which participants will learn both the theory and practical ultrasound data collection techniques in multiple applications. Topics include: Theory of Ultrasound, identifying types of leakage in pressure and vacuum systems (steam traps, valves and heat exchangers), mechanical inspection in bearings, motors and gears as well as cavitation in pumps etc., and how to conduct an electrical inspection including arcing and tracking in switchgear, transformers and other distribution equipment. In addition, detection of corona in medium and high voltage substation equipment.

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