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Industry Specific Training Solutions

At Sean Samson Training we are the leaders in world-class customizable, industry specific training solutions for Electrical, Mechanical, Service and Construction based businesses in the areas of Sales, Project Management, and Technical Training. Utilizing our 5 Reasons Selling System© proprietary tools and methodology, our training is designed to complement those areas and gaps within the unique niche and structure of your contracting business.


Our hands-on, global-ready training sessions have been communicated in 16 countries, serving over 230 contractors worldwide. With a fundamental focus on developing key individual skills and core competencies that contain collaborative discussions and incorporate interactive methods and strategies.

Driving revenue and developing top performers, while creating a culture of synergistic leaders is what we do. Let us help you futureproof your business today, let us help you become “The Preferred Source”.

Contact Sean:

Phone: (440)708-8725


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