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Advance the Service & Maintenance side of your Contracting Business

At Sean Samson Training we provide our clients with a proven, global turn-key business model giving you the options you have been looking for to help future proof your contracting business and kick-start that recurring revenue model you’ve heard so much about. From personalized solutions to cutting-edge estimating technology to in-person training, we have a proven track record of providing top-tier service designed to optimize your operations. Here are some of the key ways we stand out in the industry:

sst pillar-01.png

Our Three Pillars to Higher Valuation:

Multi-Year Service Agreements

Increased Negotiated Projects

Predictable Recurring Revenue

At Sean Samson Training, when we partner with our clients, we believe the three pillars allow our clients to achieve the most out of their businesses. Many companies are struggling to navigate today’s challenges for several reasons. What are they? Lack of industry knowledge, the uncertainty of future market realities, poor strategy execution, or most importantly, an industry cultural change. 

Unlocking the true potential of today's Electrical Contractor.
Does this get your attention?

Monthly visits/ride along with sales team

Weekly DPE Meetings

24/7 SST Access

Proprietary Pricing System/Estiamting Tools

Global Service & Sales Model

Proprietary 5 Reason Selling System

Learn from accredited Trainer (Kiley Taylor)

Learn to Package & Sell NFPA 70/70E/70B

Proprietary Facility Maintenance Reporting

Scaling Your Business

Safety Training

Learn to Cross-Sell Your Client/Customer Base

Inclusive of SST Community of Contractors

Get in Touch

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