Training Offerings

The 5 Reasons Selling System

Forecasting and understanding what’s really happening in the field and in front of customers should be easy. A well defined, simplistic approach to selling and forecasting that delivers incredible REAL TIME results is exactly what you’ll get when utilizing our 5 Reasons Selling System©.

Connection Management Training

Upskilling and professional development should never stop, yet one of the most important, overlooked, and under trained people of any company are it’s project managers. It’s an absolute fact. Times have changed, and in today’s fast paced world, patterns of customer behavior have changed. It is now more about connection management, rather than project management. And within these changing tides of business, we need to get as far away from “low bid wins” as possible. So, how do we do that? We transform Customers into Clients.

Construction & Service Industry Options

Stop wasting time, or worse yet your money looking at a franchise or dealership situation. At Sean Samson Training we provide our clients with a proven, global turn-key business model giving you the options you have been looking for to help future proof your contracting business and kick-start that recurring revenue model you’ve heard so much about. Using our systems you’ll receive industry specific sales, management and technical training, immersion based in-field post training, proprietary pricing and estimating tools, and 24/7 support saving you the contractor thousands of dollars and a ton of headache. And did we mention doing all of this with no territory restrictions, franchise or dealership fees?