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Low Stakes Programs

Start growing and learning outside your normal pool of information.
Join the SST Community of Contractors. 

Introducing "Low Stakes Clients," our innovative approach to assist businesses in achieving growth without significant commitment.


We understand that not every company is ready to dive headfirst into a full-scale training program. That's why we've designed this budget-friendly, scaled-down version of our immersive in-person training. It's the perfect starting point for a contracting business looking to explore the benefits of scaling its service operations without the high stakes.


With "Low Stakes Client", you'll still benefit from our expert consultation and gain valuable insights tailored to your specific needs, all while keeping your investment manageable. It's a practical, cost-effective solution for those ready to dip their toes into the waters of service business expansion.


Let's embark on this growth journey together, one step at a time.

24/7 Access

Industry thought leader on Sales and Service and maintenance (phone calls/texts/emails/etc.)

Master Owner-Direct Sales Team Management

Explore expert insights and strategies to effectively manage an owner-direct sales team and more.

Community Access

Access to SST clients and our community of contractors

Essential SST Sales Tools Access

Gain exclusive access to a suite of essential SST sales tools, including physical worksheets and forms, designed to supercharge your sales efforts and drive success.

Unlock Sales and Service Growth Secrets

Learn from successful contractors and apply their strategies to elevate your business.

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