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The only way to truly future proof your business is to start thinking differently. One of the most dangerous messages we can have as leaders, is when we tell ourselves or our people, “we’ve always done it this way”. A study published in the Harvard Business Review February 28, 2008 said that “The chain of events that leads to strong and sustained business results starts with great managers who defy common management practice at virtually every turn”.

“Customers look at you as an estimator. Clients look at you as the “Preferred Source.”  Sean Samson

At Sean Samson Training, defying common management practice is exactly what we’re doing. We have developed what we believe to be the most effective management training available today. Develop great managers, who develop outstanding employees, it’s that simple. Blueberry Management trains your staff to simply notice more, to ask the right questions and cultivate synergistic teams of leaders through 4 key components.

  • Development – Finding the right role and position within the organization with an emphasis on training

  • Expectation Setting – Measuring the outcome and performance of each individual blueberry

  • Selection – Rock star recruiting, understanding personal skills, knowledge and talent of the employee

  • Motivation – Concentrates on the interests, strengths, and hobbies of each team member

Blueberry Management concentrates on the individual strengths of each team member, or in our case each blueberry. And since all blueberries are created differently, strategically placing each of them in a position for unparalleled success is what we do. Remember, great management shows interest in everything under it’s influence, it is a true connection. Our training provides you the manager with the inspiration, motivation and influence needed to build top performing teams. Execute strategy and lead change today with Sean Samson Training. How do you manage your blueberries?

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